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Luxury clothing isn’t just for adults, partly thanks to Milwaukee native Florence Eiseman, the woman who established the first luxury children’s designer line in the United States. Today, Florence Eiseman continues to make consistent, elegant, quality, and joyful clothing. You can find a store for Florence Eiseman in Milwaukee, so keep reading to learn about what they offer!

About the Florence Eiseman Brand

Since its beginning, the brand Florence Eiseman has always prioritized creating quality, joyful, and timeless pieces for children. Eiseman watched the trends of dressing children in formal attire and wanted to do something different. The brand results from Eiseman wanting children to dress like children. She strongly believed children had to spend their entire lives being adults. As a result, she began sewing to make clothes for her children.

Eiseman sold her first pinafore in 1945. Since then, the designer created the basis for what would become the longest-running children’s fashion line in the United States. In 1963, she partnered with Helen Cookman of the Clothing Research and Development Foundation to create a line called “Functional Fashions” to provide quality and stylish clothing for people with disabilities. This would become the first commercially available high-end fashion for children with disabilities. Eiseman was also the first children’s fashion designer to receive the Neiman Marcus Fashion Award. The brand emphasizes the importance of playfulness and wants its clothes to be “loved and lived in.” They seek to create timeless clothing that will last.

A toddler girl sits on a white box in a studio in jeans and a red heart polka dot shirt


Florence Eiseman Milwaukee sells tops, bottoms, sets, dresses, one-piece, and swim products for babies, toddlers, girls, boys, and tweens. Many of the brand’s clothes feature items they refer to as “a mix-and-match style,” with pieces available in bright colors and soft fabrics. Their clothing consists of bright colors, fun patterns, and high-quality materials to create clothes your children will want to wear. Their newest and fastest-growing line, Blossom and Sprout, features a line of playwear with soft fabrics and fun prints like cats, outer space, crayons, sunflowers, and orange dots. The Blossom and Sprout line is durable, easy, and machine-washable. They begin creating their pieces by thinking about what excites children, not just adults. Therefore, they came up with animals, jobs, colors, foods, and holidays.

Their Spring Collection, A Day at The Park, embodies the magic of visiting a park as a child: ducks, games, berries, and pies. The launch of their Fall Collection continues the celebration of playfulness and bold colors in clothes designated for the Fall. This includes long-sleeves, longalls, vests, pants, sweaters, and other colder-weather clothing. They used a variety of blues for the fabric in the Fall Collection, as well as patterns like stripes, spots, and florals. They created a circle skirt dress to achieve their goal of “whimsical” clothing and clothing with hoods featuring animals like squirrels and dinosaurs to replicate the fun of dressing up. Their new patterns include dalmatians in fire trucks, ladybugs, flowers, and spaceships.

The Florence Eiseman Milwaukee Store

Today, the brand is sold in over 150 boutique stores across the United States, including one right in your backyard. In Milwaukee, you can find Florence Eiseman in Creatively Yours. This specialty shop offers a variety of children’s, hostess, bridal, entertaining, fun jewelry, and many more gift items. The boutique is located in East Towne Square in Mequon, Wisconsin. You can also find Florence Eiseman clothing in Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. The Eiseman Company LLC, Florence Wiseman’s headquarters, is located at 1966 South Fourth Street in Suite 100 in Milwaukee.

A happy toddler girl sits on a stool in a studio holding a shaker and wearing a shirt covered in hearts after visiting florence eiseman milwaukee


Notable customers who have worn the brand include the children of Elizabeth Taylor, The Kennedy Family, Princess Grace of Monaco, and Beyoncé and Jay Z. They even had the honor of creating custom pieces to be the official baby gifts from President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama during his presidency. The brand’s success lies in consistently providing quality, elegant, and comfortable clothing from generation to generation. They even had a Florence Eiseman Exhibit at the Museum of Wisconsin, showcasing the fashion throughout the years.

Florence Eiseman created a legacy through her desire to make clothing that felt and looked like children’s clothing. Since then, hundreds of children’s brands have been created as a new market emerged for fashion designers worldwide. Fashion is a statement of expression, and ensuring that children feel confident and comfortable in their clothing begins at a young age. Whether Eiseman knew it or not, she broadened the horizons for children everywhere through her beautiful designs focused on and created for them. So, head to a store that carries Florence Eiseman in Milwaukee today to snag some of these adorable clothes for your little ones!

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