Music Together North Shore for Self-Expression Through Music

A toddler girl sits on a studio floor playing in a cake for her first birthday in a studio before visiting music together north shore

Are you looking for something fun for you or your child’s caregiver to do? How do you help keep your little ones engaged, support their development, and boost their creativity and confidence? Music Together North Shore can give all that and more with its excellent classes and curriculum that provide structure and play in one beautiful class.

About Music Together North Shore

Not your traditional music class but still loaded with fun, music together has been helping children all over the world feel the beat and sing on the pitch since 1987! Music Together North Shore classes in Whitefish bay are hands-on, high-energy, and fun, perfect for keeping young minds engaged, focused, and learning. That helps them build stress-free confidence in new skills like repeating pitches, finding the rhythm, being creative, and trying new challenges. Lead teacher and owner/center director of Music Together North Shore, Kristen Fischer (known as Ms.Kristen in class), has an impressive amount of experience and accomplishments in theater and performing arts as an actress with recurring roles and as a non-profit administrator for ten years.

When Kristen started her family, she wanted to combine her love of performing and her growing passion for building a supportive and fun community for young families. In 2017 she started up Music Together North Shore and has enjoyed bringing people and families together for music.  

A toddler girl in a pink dress sits in a studio with decorations after visiting music together north shore


Their research-based curriculum may not teach your child to play new instruments by the end. Still, it’s the basic level for music competence. This introductory level benefits their personal development and allows them to express themselves. Still, it sets them up for a leap for those possible music lessons they may want later! Your child will learn rhythm, coordination skills, and how to move and express themselves while on the pitch too! Most of all, their classes will foster a love for music and creativity.

Classes offered: 

  • Mixed Age Classes

Great for kids under six years accompanied by parent/caregiver 

  • Babies Only Classes

Perfect for kids under eight months accompanied by parent/caregiver

  • Rhythm Kids

Best for Children 4 and older and have taken other classes

  • Generations Classes

A toddler girl in a pink dress sits on a studio floor surrounded by balloons and a cake


Their love for music doesn’t stop in the classroom! Each family gets a cd, songbook, and full access to their Music Together Hello Everybody app to use at home. That allows the integration of music into your home life in a fun and positive way, and you can even use it to help complete tasks like lining up at the door without a fuss!

Music Together North Shore

Finding fun, engaging, and enriching things that get our children’s attention that don’t require much screen time can be challenging in today’s world. Music Together North Shore brings families the opportunity to connect. That occurs while they build developmental and personal skills and strengthen the relationships within them through self-expression. Get out and make some music!

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