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Discovering you have pelvic floor dysfunction can be a big thing, especially when it can cause so many other bodily components to be in pain or out of whack. Pelvic floor therapy is necessary for many, both women and men alike! If you’re experiencing any adverse symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, here are a few great pelvic floor therapy Milwaukee offices that offer pelvic floor therapy!

4 Pelvic Floor Therapy Milwaukee Offices Offering Personalized Patient Care

Revitalize Physical Therapy

With two locations, Revitalize Physical Therapy is a women’s health clinic specializing in treating common issues such as incontinence, pelvic pain, prolapse, and back or hip pain throughout the different stages of a woman’s life. Their doctors are experts in women’s health and personalize their treatment to each client’s specific needs. Revitalize Physical Therapy care providers are with each client throughout their rehab journey and transition to wellness.

After years of working with hundreds of women, they have developed a unique, proven program called “The Revitalize Remedy.” They have found the program provides faster results with long-lasting success. Featuring this fully customized treatment plan includes 3 phases of rehab. Also, it integrates treatment for the different nutrition, lifestyle, and physical factors that cause pelvic floor issues. Revitalize Physical Therapy is a great practice that genuinely wants women to enjoy their daily lives without worrying about incontinence or pain!

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Aurora Physical Therapy

At Aurora Physical Therapy, the care team understands the sensitivity associated with treating pelvic floor problems and focuses on providing clients with a safe, caring, and discreet environment. You’ll meet with a physical therapist with advanced training at your appointment who will review your condition and explain treatment options.

Your personalized treatment plan can involve behavior and lifestyle changes, such as avoiding pushing or straining when using the restroom, identifying fluid preferences and amounts, manual therapy, patient education, pelvic floor exercises to include breathing and timing techniques to make exercises more effective, pelvic floor biofeedback, and stretching and strengthening to improve surrounding muscles. The pelvic floor physical therapists at Aurora Physical Therapy are ready to help you feel your best self. They offer quite a few locations in Milwaukee, making them easily accessible!

Pelvic Health and Wellness

Located at 316 E. Silver Spring Dr., Suite 227, Whitefish Bay, WI, Pelvic Health & Wellness was built with its clientele in mind. They pride themselves in compassionate, quality care for women, men, and children who are experiencing pelvic pain, bladder and bowel dysfunction, pelvic floor dysfunction, diastasis recti, prolapse, interstitial cystitis, pain during sex, infertility, and pregnancy/prenatal and postpartum concerns.

This care team understands that being ready to talk about and address your pelvic floor wellness concerns can be difficult. Hence, the pelvic floor PTs support and encourage you on your journey back to pelvic health and wellness with no judgmental care.

Pelvic Health and Wellness believes in a whole-body approach with individualized treatment and care, ensuring complete care and fulfillment. They commit themselves to put your needs first with one-on-one physical therapy sessions. This practice will surely listen to you and help you return to your prime state of health!

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Luna’s physical therapists have experience and expertise in treating pelvic floor dysfunction. Their certified physical therapists manage the symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction with modern exercises that can help increase patient control over their pelvic floor. This may unload various issues clients may be experiencing, such as constipation or incontinence. Luna patients can receive treatment in the comfort, familiarity, and privacy of their homes. This privacy can be essential to patients, especially with a more invasive therapy.

Receiving more invasive therapy in your own home where you can relax is a huge incentive to use Luna! Luna also mainly uses biofeedback, a painless, non-invasive physical therapy technique. The technique has been shown to help more than 75% of those suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction. During biofeedback exercises, the physical therapist will use video and sensors to observe the pelvic floor muscles as the patient attempts to contract and release them. The therapist then provides verbal feedback to help the patient improve muscle coordination.

The physical therapist may also recommend relaxation exercises, including yoga and meditation, to help relax the pelvic floor muscles. These exercises are helpful to see what muscles work with your pelvic floor by viewing the biofeedback screen during the exercises! 

Pelvic Floor Therapy Milwaukee

Whether you’re experiencing any tell-tale symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction or think you might benefit from pelvic floor therapy, these pelvic floor therapy Milwaukee locations offer excellent care, while each has its own special incentives! Good luck on your journey back to great health!

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