Revitalize Physical Therapy Wauwatosa for Pelvic Floor Exercises

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If you’ve had a baby recently, or ever actually, you might have discovered your pelvic floor or lack thereof. Peeing when you sneeze, pelvic discomfort, incontinence, and other unwanted symptoms of pelvic dysfunction can leave you feeling like you’re not yourself. Despite the lack of talk about this common postpartum contender, it is indeed prevalent and absolutely treatable. While most symptoms can ease after two months postpartum as pelvic muscles heal and become stronger on their own, some pelvic floors can use a little help beyond Kegels to be strong again. But how do you build your pelvic floor again? No, not by hitting the gym; you need an appointment at Revitalize Physical Therapy Wauwatosa.

About Revitalize Physical Therapy Wauwatosa

Owner and founder Dr. Brenda Heinecke, PT, DPT, CSCS, is an ambitious and compassionate woman who enjoys helping others feel better. She attended and graduated from one of the top schools in the country, Northwestern University, with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. 

Wanting to do more, she continued her education with courses and examinations so she could become a pelvic floor specialist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Her hard work was recognized, and she became a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and many other community organizations. 

She used her passion of helping women and athletes to open Tone and Fit in 2014. Two unique and productive years later, they moved locations and renamed it Revitalize Physical Therapy. 

They aim to work together as a team and with you to use their perfectly designed program that they can tailor to help you achieve your goals without those uncomfortable and annoying pelvic floor issues. 

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Dr. Brenda Heinecke and her well-educated staff understand that pelvic floor dysfunction can look different for every individual. After years of working with hundreds of women, they developed their own program, “The Revitalize Remedy.” 

They have found that their fully customizable 3-phase program paired with treatment for different nutrition and lifestyle gave faster results and long-lasting success! But what exactly does this specially developed treatment treat and help repair?

  • Everything from incontinence to bladder leaks
  • pelvic pain
  • painful sex
  • Low back pain
  • Pelvic floor prolapse
  • Diastasis recti
  • And more

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Revitalize Physical Therapy Wauwatosa wants everyday women and female athletes to feel like they are at their best so they can live their lives. Along with their pelvic floor therapy, they offer many helpful services.

  • Fertility, prenatal and postnatal care
  • Perimenopause and hormone balance
  • Female Athlete

Revitalize Physical Therapy Wauwatosa 

Taking care of your body after pregnancy is just as important as taking care of yourself during pregnancy. Whether you consider it a medical necessity or an act of luxury self-care, you won’t regret entrusting Revitalize Physical Therapy Wauwatosa with your pelvic floor. You can book your appointment in person or over the phone. Feel free to visit their Wauwatosa location at 530 N. 108th Place, Wauwatosa, WI 53226.

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