Milwaukee Daycare Options for Parents Heading Back to Work

A toddler boy smiles while playing with a small wooden stool in a green onesie after visiting milwaukee daycare

One of the hardest things to do after your baby is born is to part with those warm, cuddly snuggles and tiny cries and head back to work. I totally get it, mama! That makes finding the perfect Milwaukee daycare (because they deserve nothing less) a top priority. It may also seem like a tall order. We want our babies to be loved and cared for in a safe and enriching environment as if we were there. But, the thought of daycare can leave any mom feeling unsure and anxious. All normal feelings, I assure you! However, some genuinely great Milwaukee daycare options can calm those worries and fears and care for you with love and experience. If that sounds like what you need, then these places are worth looking into.

Four Milwaukee Daycares Your Little Ones Will Love


For over 50 years, their highly trained teachers have been working with Milwaukee families to ensure and provide award-winning Early Education programs and high-quality daycare in their many locations throughout Milwaukee. When it comes to infant care (6 weeks to 1 year), they want both baby and parents to feel confident in their choice and work with them to make this new transition easier. They work hard to create warm, inviting, clean, safe, and supportive rooms for babies of all abilities and backgrounds. You can find a location near you or do a virtual tour on their website.

A toddler boy in a green onesie plays and walks in a studio after visiting milwaukee daycare

Ebenezer Childcare

Their kind, caring, and well-educated teachers work with families to ensure each child is on their own schedule while thriving and being loved the way they should be. They help each child grow their senses by offering age-appropriate and non-toxic learning materials. These include tools such as rattles, balls, teethers, busy boxes for infants to investigate, and so much more. You can view their locations and their programs on their website.

The Nurturing Nook

Their staff believes in nurturing each child’s own path of development. With their youngest group, 6 weeks-6 months, they give them every opportunity to enrich their senses to reach even the tiniest milestones and explore the world around them with snuggles and love in between. Above all, this Milwaukee daycare wants your trust that your little one is in good hands. They like to keep parents in the loop and communicate about their child’s daily activities.

A toddler boy in a green onesie sits on a wooden chair

Bright Horizons

Little ones learn best through engagement and play. Each room is designed to encourage curiosity and exploration from the beginning. Their well-educated teachers have undergone a rigid certification process. They support and nurture each child’s milestones, big and small and encourage healthy and well-balanced habits. So stop at 8624 W. Watertown Plank Road 53226 or take a virtual tour on their website!

Milwaukee Daycare

Finding the perfect Milwaukee daycare can be as easy as one tour! If you’re feeling nervous, you can find childcare checklists online. Or make your own to bring on a tour, so none of your questions or concerns are forgotten. 

Since you just found your little one’s new daycare, it’s time to find a photographer! I love nothing more than capturing the beauty of the motherhood journey. So check out more of my work in the blog links below, along with many more tips for mothers in Milwaukee. Then reach out today to chat about your dream photo session!

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