Housekeeping Milwaukee Services for Daily to Deep Cleaning

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Housekeeping is a necessary service, especially for busy parents that might just need a break or a hand in keeping the house tidy! These housekeeping Milwaukee services ensure exceptional results, going above and beyond customer expectations to give you the clean home you deserve. You can relax knowing these companies have your back during your busiest weeks or whenever you need an extra set of hands.

3 Housekeeping Milwaukee Services for A Sparkling Clean Home

Golden Maid Services

Serving the Milwaukee area and surrounding cities, Golden Maid Services are specialists in housekeeping services that provide a reliable and high-quality cleaning service. Licensed, bonded, and insured, Golden Maid is a local business and professional residential house cleaning company that has been operating for over 18 years!

Golden Maid’s mission is to provide eco-friendly products safe for their clients and the environment. 

They provide highly skilled professionals to give personalized home cleaning services. Golden Maid offers a top-to-bottom deluxe cleaning service, maintenance, general cleaning service, move-in, and move-out cleaning services, and post-construction cleaning service.

Their maintenance and general cleaning service include: 

  • dusting baseboards, lamps and lampshades, pictures, tvs, electronics, fireplaces, cabinet fronts, 
  • polishing and dusting furniture, 
  • cleaning and scrubbing stove tops, appliances, sinks, tubs/showers, windows, floors, and counters,
  • bed sheet changes, and 
  • vacuuming. 

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Located at 1345 N Jefferson Street, BetterCleans is bonded, insured, and licensed and also services the Milwaukee area. BetterCleans ensures you are getting the most professional cleaners available. 

Furthermore, they only hire highly skilled and experienced applicants who are interviewed, screened, and pass a background check.

BetterCleans also has a customer referral program, earning you discounts and points when you recommend them to your family, friends, or on social media, as well as leave positive reviews. 

BetterCleans offers deep cleaning, move-in, and move-out cleaning, before and after party cleaning, regular home cleaning services, and post-construction deep cleans.

Providing their own supplies, BetterCleans’ standard clean service includes: 

  • dusting, 
  • vacuuming, 
  • sweeping/mopping, 
  • cleaning mirrors, 
  • dusting window sills, 
  • cleaning appliances and washing dishes, 
  • cleaning countertops, 
  • cleaning toilets, 
  • cleaning bathtubs/showers, and 
  • making beds. 

They have options to add on specific services like cleaning inside the oven or fridge and carpet cleaning. 

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Bella Shine Cleaning Services

Bella Shine Cleaning Services is an insured family-owned business. It has been working in the Milwaukee area for four years. 

Located at 6900 Brown Deer Road, Bella Shine Cleaning Services offers the following: 

  • residential cleaning, 
  • commercial cleaning, 
  • basic cleaning, 
  • deep cleaning, 
  • dusting, 
  • furniture cleaning, 
  • bathroom cleaning, 
  • mopping, 
  • vacuuming, 
  • kitchen cleaning, 
  • carpet cleaning, 
  • construction cleaning, and 
  • custom cleaning services.

Bella Shine Cleaning Services provides its own cleaning tools and products, or you can use yours! Their basic cleaning service can include dusting, mopping/sweeping, wiping counters down, emptying trash bins, vacuuming, dusting furniture, and wiping down appliances. 

Housekeeping Milwaukee

Whether you need a deep cleaning, a general cleaning, or want to schedule weekly/monthly cleaning, any of these local housekeeping Milwaukee companies are sure to leave you with a sparkling home and great results! 

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