Milwaukee Doulas | 4 Doulas to Guide You on Your Birth Journey

newborn baby boy laying on his belly wearing a blue outfit

Are you looking for an amazing specialist to guide you through your birthing journey? Look no further, as several Milwaukee doulas can meet your specific needs through your pregnancy and birthing journey.

Choose Milwaukee Doulas to Guide You Through Birth

Greater Love Doula Services

Greater Love Doula Services is an LGBT+ owned Milwaukee Doula. Tori started her doula services in 2019. She is a full-spectrum doula, a lactation support counselor, and a childbirth and reproductive health educator. Having a doula can offer an ongoing sense of security.

Birth doula support includes continuous prenatal support (4 visits), on-call support, unlimited birth and labor support, and four visits of postpartum support within the first six weeks. Prices range from $850 to $1650 and can be on a payment plan, and HSA is accepted. Greater Love Doula also provides placenta prints ranging from $30 to $50. It is a visual reminder and keepsake of the fantastic work your placenta did for you and your baby.

Jo Ann Bishop

Jo Ann Bishop is a Milwaukee Doula who provides evidence-based practices for comfort and care through loving support throughout your entire pregnancy, labor, and during the fourth trimester. She also specializes in the Body Ready Method. This prenatal exercise program helps with the aches and pains of pregnancy, prepares muscles for labor, and supports your body through all the challenging transitions into postpartum recovery. In addition, Jo Ann offers several plans available virtually to accommodate the recent pandemic.

Virtual plans include a basic plan for $850 and a premium plan for $1,000. The virtual plans include prenatal visits and care, support during labor and birth, post-delivery support, postpartum visit, lactation support, and referrals as needed. Jo Ann also offers postpartum support, including three different plans ranging from $300 to $800 based on your required support. In addition, as a Milwaukee Doula, Jo Ann offers emotional, evidence-based information, practical, partner, and sibling support for your journey.


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Bridge Birth

Bridge Birth, a Milwaukee Doula, focuses on supporting your birth through calm connectedness each step of the way during your pregnancy and birthing journey. Erin is a trained birth doula passionate about helping women have a positive birth experience. Services at Bridge Birth include prenatal visits, doula support during labor and birth, and postpartum support.

Pricing for these services begins at $950. In addition, Erin will provide hands-on comfort measures, emotional and informational support, and a calm, connected presence. She also believes that partners and doulas complement each other. Therefore, she will work to support your partner so they can best support you.

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Imprint Birth

Another excellent option for a Milwaukee Doula is Bri at Imprint Birth. Bri is a registered nurse and certified birth and postpartum doula. At Imprint Birth, they hope that all birthing bodies can relish in the beauty of childbirth and feel educated, empowered, and embraced for all they are.

Imprint Birth offers prenatal visits to create a birthing plan and access the most recent and evidence-based research surrounding your labor and birth choices. You will also receive care during your labor and birthing process and postpartum care. Bri also offers just postpartum care at an hourly rate for four or 8-week contracts based upon your individual needs. You can contact Bri at Imprint Birth for pricing and availability.

Milwaukee Doulas

Whether you need support during your pregnancy, guidance for laboring and birth, or care during the postpartum transition, Milwaukee Doulas have many options that can meet your specific needs for you and your family. Check out these fantastic options of Milwaukee Doulas today!

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newborn baby boy laying on his belly wearing a blue outfit

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