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9 month old baby girl sitting in a wicker chair wearing a floral jumper

There is an old saying, “it takes a village.”, that many have referenced when discussing the ups and downs of raising a family. As a Mom of young children living in a city she didn’t grow up in I truly understand the importance of that village and am so appreciate of those that take the time to create resources to make our parenting journey more interesting. A local Milwaukee Mom is doing her part to do just that so she can bring back the village. Her name is Stephanie and she is the Owner of Babble Books and the group, The Babbling Babes. I had the opportunity to connect with her to learn more about her group called The Babbling Babes.

Read on to learn about this group and if you should add them to your village!

Milwaukee Mommy and Me Social Club

1. Tell me a bit about why you created Babbling Babes.

A good mom friend actually reminded me that I created a mini version of Babbling Babes when I was pregnant with my first 8 years ago. I posted on a What To Expect When You’re Expecting discussion board about any local pregnant mamas due around the same time as myself that wanted to meet up before our due dates. About 8 of us met up before we had our babies, kept in contact as one by one we had our babies, and then we hung out during our maternity leaves getting coffee, doing mom and baby yoga, moms nights,  and even a baby New Years Party. It was amazing. When I had my second, I was the first to have another baby. My second baby had the worst reflux, hated the car seat, and had the hardest time sleeping (naps or nighttime). I struggled! I still made myself go out and see people and do things- but it was a lot harder. Looking back, I am sure I had undiagnosed postpartum depression. It was a hard year. So, when I got pregnant with my third, I was determined to have a better postpartum experience. I didn’t want to miss out of going to my favorite coffee shops and fun locations around town. I wanted to keep that up, but with a group of moms. I can tell you- Babbling Babes transformed my postpartum experience and I have heard from countless moms who have felt the same. A Gathering is about supporting and connecting local moms and so many amazing businesses (like you) have helped really uplift these amazing women in our community and make them feel seen. When a mom comes to a BB event, they are greeted with open arms and hearts because we are all craving the same thing- connection and community.

2. Current projects you are working on for Babbling Babes.

Babbling Babes Book Clubs are starting up in June and local Babbling Babes are hosting gatherings in their own neighborhoods. We hold Gatherings at parks, splash pads, farmers markets, but also locations like Colectivo cafes and Villa Terrace.

3. How does Babbling Babes support our motherhood community in Milwaukee and Beyond?

We bring new and new again moms together in fun locations around the city. Our motto is “Bringing the village back, one Gathering at a time”. It really is more than “just a moms group” for women who are more than “just mom”.  We donate to local nonprofits that support families in our city. We have an upcoming Gathering at Milwaukee Diaper Mission called Wrappy Hour where we will connect and volunteer wrapping diapers.

4. If someone would like to get involved with Babbling Babes, how do they go about doing so?

Subscribe to the newsletter on the website and follow on Instagram or Facebook. Message if you’d like to host a Gathering in your area. We also connect moms in tribes virtually for those who want to be connected before attending a Gathering.

5. Favorite memory from Babbling Babes thus far.

Just looking around at all the connections made at Gatherings will always hold a special place in my heart. And the friendships that continue now years later because two moms had the courage to attend a Gathering and be open to making new mom friends.

9 month old baby girl sitting in a wicker chair wearing a floral jumper

I always end my interviews with a few fun photos to help you get to know the interviewee better. Enjoy!

1. What are you creatively curious about right now?

I love thinking creatively about how local spaces can spark community. Different events or ways of getting people out and connected.

2. If you could travel to any destination where would you go and why?

Greece! I’ve never been and it looks stunning.

3. It’s Saturday morning, what is your ideal activity?

Coffee and a slow day outside in nature taking a hike or sitting by a lake or pool with the family and friends.

4. You are in line at Starbucks, what do you order?

Black coffee. I’m pretty boring!

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Thank you, Stephanie for sharing! If you’d like to find out more about The Babbling Babes, you can read more here!

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