Milwaukee OBGYN Centers for Exceptional Women’s Healthcare

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Finding an OBGYN that aligns with your best interest and beliefs is essential, especially when you have to trust them with your care. These Milwaukee OBGYN offices genuinely care about their patients and their quality of care. They offer a variety of treatments and services, so you can rest easy knowing they have you covered.

3 Milwaukee OBGYN Offices for Highly-Qualified Women’s Healthcare

Lakeside OBGYN

Located at 2524 East Webster Place, Lakeside OB/GYN is a small office with care provided by Dr. Kathleen Trebian. She practices with a focus on patient care and satisfaction and a commitment to providing individualized, expert, and compassionate care. 

Lakeside’s office manager, Terri, works with Dr. Trebian to provide an outstanding experience for their clients. Having been at her practice since 1998, Dr. Trebian offers many traditional OB/GYN services. She is also open to non-traditional alternatives to better serve the community.

Firstly, gynecological services provided include:

  • pap smears,
  • breast and pelvic exams,
  • contraceptive needs,
  • family planning,
  • STI/STD treatment,
  • HPV tests,
  • annual checkups,
  • painful periods/abnormal bleeding treatments, and
  • more.

Secondly, obstetric services offered include:

  • prenatal appointments,
  • blood testing,
  • ultrasounds,
  • birth planning, and
  • labor and delivery.

Lakeside OB/GYN specially treats menopausal women, offering a safe and understanding environment and services such as: 

  • preventative health care, 
  • information and resources related to cardiovascular, breast, bone, and urogenital health, and 
  • assessment and treatment of sexual dysfunction issues.  

Happy parents smile while standing in a studio holding their sleeping newborn baby and toddler daughter thanks to milwaukee obgyn

Aurora Healthcare

Aurora Healthcare has quite a few outpatient centers, with their main health center at 777 E Wisconsin Ave, offering OB/GYN services to women from adolescence through menopause.

Firstly, obstetric services include:

  • pregnancy care,
  • preconception,
  • childbirth,
  • postpartum care, and specialized care such as preconception counseling,
  • breastfeeding support with certified lactation consultants, and
  • referrals to fertility specialists and fetal care specialists.

Secondly, gynecologic services include:

  • contraceptives and family planning,
  • in office procedures, including colposcopy, menopause and perimenopause management,
  • preventative care and screenings, including pap smears, therapies for pelvic floor disorders and incontinence,
  • treatment for uterine fibroids and pelvic infections, and
  • referrals as needed for gynecologic cancer treatments and pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Aurora Healthcare treats a variety of ailments and conditions. It supports conditions that may develop during pregnancy, such as heart disease, pregestational and gestational diabetes, thyroid disease, preeclampsia, and fetal problems. 

A mother and father stand in a studio while being hugged by their toddler daughter and holding their sleeping newborn baby

Ascension OBGYN

Ascension OB/GYN has a few locations locally and provides various services, including yearly exams and screenings, prenatal care, and care for menopause symptoms.

This office is proud to offer a complete care team just for you, with gynecologic services and preventative health care, including treatment for:

  • irregular periods and pelvic pain,
  • perimenopause and menopause symptoms,
  • sexual health concerns,
  • uterine fibroids and endometriosis, and
  • urinary tract infections and gynecologic infections.

This Milwaukee OBGYN also has gynecologic surgery treatments for many conditions affecting the uterus, ovaries, cervix, fallopian tubes, and vagina.

Along with these services, Ascension also provides excellent OB care and services like:

  • breastfeeding support,
  • high-risk pregnancy care,
  • intensive care for newborns,
  • pregnancy and birth centers,
  • postpartum care,
  • labor and delivery, and
  • certain specialists.  

Milwaukee OBGYN

Each of these Milwaukee OBGYN centers ensures the best professional care throughout your journey. Their dedicated teams also offer highly-qualified and knowledgeable healthcare resources you’ll feel comforted in receiving. 

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