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Doulas are a vital support necessity during any pregnancy and postpartum journey. Their sole purpose is to provide guidance and support to moms. It can be so helpful to hire a doula, especially postpartum. When choosing a postpartum doula in Milwaukee, check out the ones listed below! 

4 Choices for a Postpartum Doula in Milwaukee

Moon Willow Doula

Moon Willow Doula, LLC is run by Elissa Lenkin Weber, who has the experience and extensive training. Elissa has worked as a postpartum doula in the greater Milwaukee community for over 5 years. This includes 3 years as a doula at the Columbia Center Birth Hospital in Mequon (now Ascension). She is currently a childbirth & postpartum doula in private practice. 

As a Certified Lactation Counselor, she is equipped to provide breastfeeding guidance and support. Additionally, she aims to help you get off to the best possible start during those critical early days postpartum. She believes birth matters, especially the experience of the birthing person. Elissa also believes that moms should be treated with dignity and respect and that their voice is heard. Furthermore, the family’s access to evidence-based information is of the utmost importance. Elissa has attended roughly 70 births. Also, she has experience supporting high-risk cesarean deliveries, completely natural home births attended by a midwife, and many variations in between. For many of those families, she has provided postpartum support as well. Elissa offers many packages, including Birth and Postpartum packages. 

Happy parents stand in a studio cradling their sleeping newborn baby in a white swaddle

Jennifer Barton

Since 2011, Jennifer has been providing postpartum doula support to friends and family in Milwaukee. She is exclusively a postpartum doula. She took the DONA Postpartum Doula training in 2017 and decided she was ready to give it a try as a business. Jennifer believes every family deserves a doula to care for them, whether their first baby or their last. She is there to help you get what you need to enjoy the “fourth trimester.” Jennifer claims to be a non-judgmental support person, tailoring her visits to best fit what you need. She won’t tell you what you “should” do. Instead, she will help you find what feels suitable for you and your baby. 

Jennifer nurtures and educates the mother and family as they adjust to life with a new baby. She offers practical and emotional support as families navigate this tender time. A typical visit from Jennifer may include listening to your birth story and any concerns you may have with your body. Next, she will offer tips, prepare snacks and bring comfort items. She will also help with household chores, accompany parents on outings, and hold the baby while you attend to older kids. Every journey and service is custom, so it would be best to inquire through her website or call her. Initial meetings are always free of charge!

Birth Coach Milwaukee

Birth Coach Milwaukee is a group of three female postpartum doulas trained through Doula Trainings International, an inclusive birth community. They provide birth and postpartum doula support to all people and all types of families here in the Milwaukee community. Also, they are passionate about supporting and empowering your family during this intimate, powerful time of your life. They have taken time to connect across the lines that sometimes exist. Regardless of your background or birth decisions, you can expect respect. Birth Coach Milwaukee is proud to serve the whole community. They will help you feel confident, comfortable, and supported. They can also help you navigate unexpected situations that naturally arise during childbirth. 

Birth Coach Milwaukee will follow your lead through everything, advocating for what feels suitable for you and your baby. Studies have shown that doulas are incredibly beneficial and think everyone deserves this, which is why they provide a few scholarships each year to women in the community. Suppose you feel moved to help your neighbors. In that case, they offer you an opportunity to fund partial or complete scholarships with their one-to-one model. With every person who pays in full or donates, they can help moms who can’t afford doulas get the support they want and need. Each journey and need is custom, so it’s best to contact them through their website or call them for prices and information on this postpartum doula in Milwaukee. 

Happy parents hold their sleeping newborn baby in their hands while standing in a studio thanks to postpartum doula milwaukee

Joann Bishop

Joann Bishop is a certified DONA International Doula, dedicated to the most current, evidence-based methods of preparing you for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Her support style is to provide evidence-based practices for comfort and care. Furthermore, she believes you are entitled to a physiologic birth mindset in every setting, be it a hospital or birth center. Having loving support throughout your labor can profoundly affect your satisfaction with your birth. Her postpartum doula services are offered to anyone in the Milwaukee area. Virtual help and custom overnight support are available at different fees and in many packages. 

Postpartum Doula Milwaukee

No matter what kind of birth you are looking to plan, you will find abundant support with any of these fantastic postpartum doulas in Milwaukee options!

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