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High-quality midwife care, care during labor and delivery, and exceptional family support can sometimes be challenging to find as you research places to give birth. Hospital births can often feel cold, sterile, and stressful. Some families choose to give birth at a birthing center separate from a hospital. They can also receive professional, specialized, friendly care from a skilled team of physicians, educators, instructors, therapists, doulas, midwives, and more. If you are looking for a fantastic place to give birth in the Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, area, look no further than Authentic Birth Center – Wellness Collective.

About Authentic Birth Center

At Authentic Birth Center in the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin, women receive top-notch, personalized care from a skilled team of talented, compassionate, family-focused practitioners committed to helping women and their families. The team at Authentic Birth Center includes: 

  • Seven midwives 
  • Midwifery students 
  • Doulas 
  • Chiropractors 
  • Massage therapists 
  • Psychotherapists, 
  •  A placenta encapsulation specialist
  • A lactation counselor
  • Prenatal and family educators 
  • Yoga instructors
  • Ultrasound technicians 

Founded by LaNette McQuitty, a certified midwife, Authentic Birth Center is a family-focused birthing center where the birth and postpartum bonding experience can be an intimate, quiet, delightful, and empowering time. McQuitty hopes that all mothers can be “treated like a queen,” with access to exceptional prenatal care outside of a hospital setting. Women should feel empowered and proactive in their birthing experience, with the ability to choose their medical care and interventions. 

This stand-alone birth center is located in Wauwatosa. However, if more specialized care and intervention are required during birth, multiple hospitals in the area are just minutes away. 

Patients and their families at Authentic Birth Center receive superior care and customer service every time they enter the building. The skilled team of practitioners at Authentic Birth Center exceed the standards of care for their individual professions and always present themselves in a polished, professional manner. Evidence-based care and education are offered openly and honestly, with no “right” or “wrong” way prescribed to families. This center is where mind, body, and spirit are taken care of, with respect to all genders, races, religions, and cultures. 

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When you give birth at Authentic Birth Center, you will receive high-quality care and family support through a skilled team of midwives and other professionals. In addition, you will give birth in one of the facility’s four luxurious birthing suites. The team loaded these rooms with features that include fiber optic starry skies and a built-in whirlpool tub for pain relief or water birth. 

Families can access a communal kitchen and family room for comfort and ease during their stay. Rooms have showers and whirlpool tubs to use during or after labor and delivery. In addition, the facility has an ultrasound room, midwife exam room, gathering place, classroom, lactation counselor office, and a milk bank depot. 

Patients can receive access to a team of midwives, fabulous birthing suites, and compassionate care. In addition, this facility supports water births. Family-centered, affordable, accessible, and culturally respectful care is available to strengthen women and families throughout the community. 

Authentic Birth Center is home to Milk Bank Depot, where mothers can donate breastmilk or purchase donor milk. Mothers can purchase up to 10 four-ounce bottles of donor milk unless they have a prescription for more. Authentic Milk Bank Depot seeks to support mothers breastfeeding their little ones, whether short-term or long-term. 

New patients can register online to access an informational video, where you’ll get to “meet” some of the Authentic staff, learn about birthing options and services, and take a guided tour of the birthing facility. 

You will find Authentic Birth Center at 530 North 108th Place Suite 100, Wauwatosa, WI 53226.

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Authentic Birth Center offers a variety of classes and special events, from art therapy to yoga. The facility contains over 2,000 square feet of multipurpose space that is available to rent for meetings and events. Classes are available in person and on Zoom. Also, topics range from breastfeeding to facility tours, Bradley Method childbirth classes, and more! 

Authentic Birth Center

Giving birth at a birthing center is a much different experience from labor and delivery at a hospital. Hospitals often feel cold and uninviting, but patients receive focused, family-centered care at a birthing center in a relaxed environment. Most important, women feel supported and empowered at this birth center. At Authentic Birth Center in the Milwaukee area, families can receive specialized care from a skilled team of doulas, lactation specialists, yoga instructors, therapists, midwives, and more. 

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