Parenting Classes Milwaukee | 4 Fantastic Places to Prepare You

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Raising a baby takes a village, and we all need that extra help from time to time. Kids do not come with a manual that tells us what we need to do, so sometimes we just need that little extra boost. Luckily, there are great parenting classes in Milwaukee that can assist you throughout your parenting journey. 

Four Best Parenting Classes in Milwaukee

The Parenting Network

The Parenting Network offers parenting classes in Milwaukee no matter what stage of life your kids are in. They have ongoing classes, limited-time courses, and single, one-time classes. The ongoing class is the nurturing parent class, where you will learn all about family, routines, communication, discipline, and child development. The regularly scheduled classes include Triple P, which runs for 8 weeks that focuses on encouraging positive behaviors and attitudes in children. Strengthening Families class that runs for 7 weeks that, focuses on resolving family conflicts and how to show love, and an Effective Black Parenting course that is FREE focuses on how to raise African American children to be happy and capable adults.

They also host a class just for men called Empowerment, a 9-class series that focuses on building confidence in men, and a class called Relax: Alternatives to Anger that focuses on how to manage anger effectively. Some single courses include Triple P, which goes over positive parenting principles. The START Sex Talk class focuses on how to talk to your kids about sex, and an interactive class called Cooperative Co-Parenting concentrates on divorce and helping children through the process. The Parenting Network offers many great parenting classes in Milwaukee, so be sure to call and check them out online for their class schedule. 

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Children’s Wisconsin

Children’s Wisconsin offers a variety of programs to help parents and caregivers, from parenting classes and groups to telephone advice, from one-on-one parent consultations to respite care for families of children with special needs. They have many options for parenting classes in Milwaukee and have something for everyone. One unique program at Children’s Wisconsin offers one-on-one support and resources to expecting moms and new parents.

The best part is that these services are FREE! During these services, staff will provide routine screening for child development and checks for the mom after childbirth. They also provide education for healthy childhood growth and development. Additionally, classes on support for strengthening the bond between parents and children. The program’s services will conduct weekly visits in your home for the first 3 months. As well as prenatal and child development education, protective factors, and preventative care education. They really are excellent support for new moms or moms that just need a helping hand. Be sure to call them today or stop in their offices to begin the best parenting classes in Milwaukee. 

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Parent’s Place

Parent’s Place focuses on strengthening families and protecting families through community education, support groups, and some of the best parenting classes in Milwaukee. The instructors at Parent’s Place teach parents practical ways to build positive relationships with their children. Topics include, but are not limited to, child development, discipline, defiance, communication, stress, and anger management. Each class offered can be found in the online schedule. So once you see a class that you like that works with your schedule, then you just have to call. You will receive class and fee information. There is also complimentary child care when you attend a class at the facility. Still, if you can’t, they are also offered via zoom, so there is a class for everyone. 

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Kinderhaven offers so many great parenting classes in Milwaukee, including childbirth education, labor and birth support services, and prenatal and parenting education and consultation. Every step of the way from discovering you’re pregnant until your little one arrives, you can take great classes. Some prenatal and parenting education classes are Siblings Class, Healthy Pregnancy Class, Infant Care Class, Breastfeeding Basic Class, and Birth Planning Consultations. There is also a comprehensive 12-week childbirth class covering healthy pregnancy, labor and birth, breastfeeding, and newborn care. For second-time moms, they offer a refresher course as well as private lessons. They will tailor these to exactly what you need. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram for the latest information on these great parenting classes in Milwaukee! 

Parenting Classes Milwaukee

Becoming a new mom, or even if you are on your second or third little one, can be hard to navigate alone. That is why there are great options for parenting classes in Milwaukee that are perfect for you and your family. So be sure to reach out and call them to see the best option for you! All of the classes are mom-tested and mom-approved, so be sure to get started today! 

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