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A toddler girl smiles big while sitting in a sequence dress in a studio before visiting little monsters milwaukee

You love your family, and you’ll do anything for them! That’s why it’s never too much to ask that they wear the clothes you buy to look nice as long as you can find the right clothes. Shopping for your partner is one thing, but shopping for your kids can be a hassle all to itself. Imagine being able to browse a wide selection at neighborly prices, all while supporting a rising local business. Shopping at Little Monsters Milwaukee is exactly what you imagine if you find yourself in Wisconsin. It’s a bargain you can feel good about. No need to spend hours getting lost in a massive department while questioning where your money is really going. Little Monsters is there to lend you a hand when you need it most.

About Little Monsters Toy Store in Milwaukee

So who are Little Monsters? They’re a local children’s boutique based in Milwaukee. This is your stop if you’re looking for the best deals on modern, stylish, handmade clothing for children. They stock various independent designers, ensuring that your money is well spent. While other retail or department stores may partner locally as well, there’s not always a guarantee that the original designer of that article of clothing or accessory you bought will see most of the money they should be making. 

Little Monsters Milwaukee is dedicated to partnering fairly and responsibly along with committing themselves to take responsibility over appropriately compensating designers for their hard work in bringing you quality clothing to take home for your kids. When something is handmade, it’s more likely to last longer and stand up to the unpredictability of everyday life. That way, your kids feel comfortable in what they wear, and you get to save money in the long run. Little Monsters is here to help you and put your needs first.

A toddler girl with a big smile sits on the floor of a studio in a silver sequence dress and crown


Little Monsters Milwaukee knows your kids will need clothes for every occasion, and they have everything you need to get your kids ready for life. You’ll find seasonal wear for the entire calendar year that’s fashion-forward and easy to clean. If you follow them on Instagram, you’ll hear about exclusive seasonal deals you don’t want to miss. They even stock clothes for everyday occasions like dresses, pants, shirts, and shorts. 

In addition to clothing, Little Monsters also stocks toys that will help keep your kids occupied while you’re looking for their next outfit. You can choose from a wide selection of dolls, books, blocks, and play sets that will allow your child to have the best experience possible when they visit Little Monsters Milwaukee with you. They even have you covered if there’s still any struggle to keep your kids calm and distracted for you to shop in peace. They sell an abundance of candy and sweets of all kinds that are sure to put a smile on your child’s face. You might even want to partake in a treat yourself.


More than anything, Little Monsters is dedicated to doing whatever they can to help you take care of your child. They make frequent Instagram posts offering resources to help ensure your child is as safe as they can be at school. Little Monsters even donates portions of their sales to organizations dedicated to helping communities recover from tragedies. Everything they post is designed to be helpful, informative, but also relatable and empathetic. That’s because Little Monsters Milwaukee is made by parents, for parents and their children. 

Scroll through, and you’ll find their entire catalog of products all for sale along with tags to the designers that made them. That way, you can support them in the same way that Little Monsters Milwaukee does, or you can check out more clothes designed by your new favorite children’s clothing designer. You’ll find the link to their Instagram on their primary website.

A happy toddler girl sits in a studio in a silver dress and crown before visiting little monsters milwaukee

Little Monsters Milwaukee

For those who want to visit Little Monsters Milwaukee in person, you will find them at 2445 North Farwell Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202. Come by anytime between 11 am and 5 pm Tuesdays through Saturdays.

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