New Life Birth Services Brings Confidence to Your Pregnancy

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Expecting and considering using a midwife or doula for your birth? Have no idea what a midwife or doula is and want to learn more? At New Life Birth Services, they can help you feel calm, confident, and prepared for your birthing journey. New Life Birth Services are experienced, compassionate, and supportive, and they want your birth to be the best it can be!

About New Life Birth Services

New Life Birth Services is a Milwaukee-based Doula service. The service is owned and operated by an expert mom, Gwen, who has given birth eight times at all different stages of her life. So if you are looking for an expert, she gets it, not only personally but her years and years of experience assisting moms and families throughout their birth journeys. On top of that, she attended medical school and holds a degree in medical illustration. 

No matter what kind of birth you are planning or hoping for, New Life Birth Services can help guide you and your partner to realize your dreams. They believe that every family needs a little extra loving support during this critical time in their lives. New Life Birth Services’ goal as a professional labor support companion is to help you achieve the birth experience you desire. They provide continuous physical, emotional, and informational support before, during, and just after birth. As your doula, they work for you and with you, not your caregiver or the hospital/birthing center. So, you can guarantee you will receive the customized care you desire and need. 

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New Life Birth Services is passionate about healthy birth and are dedicated to helping you to experience birth in an atmosphere of respect, safety, and trust. New Life Birth Services provides services and home births in the comfort of your home so you can relax and enjoy your labor. They offer a licensed midwife and/or doula to provide home birth, water birth, and all midwife/ doula services from prenatal to postpartum. Services include free meet and greet, two prenatal visits, unlimited texting, email support, and childbirth education. There is so much information about the benefits of doula support. At New Life Birth Services, they are happy to share all that information with you step by step. 

During Labor

During your labor, your doula will be on call and supply continuous physical and emotional support throughout your birth. When you choose New Life Birth Services, they spend individual one-on-one time with you during your pregnancy to help you prepare for labor and delivery. They discuss learning options, preferences, interests, and concerns. During birth, they teach coping skills and comfort measures for labor. This birth center will provide all routine prenatal, labor, delivery, and postpartum care. You will receive regular prenatal visits between, as well as prenatal lab and blood work and ultrasound if desired. Topics covered include but are not limited to;

  • pregnancy concerns and expectations
  • plans for your birth
  • nutrition
  • exercise
  • prenatal testing
  • mental and emotional health and wellbeing
  • family concerns
  • postpartum goals and adjustments

A mom to be in jeans and an unbuttoned shirt leans back on a wooden stool in a studio thanks to new life birth services

After Delivery

You will receive support after birth for about 2 hours. During this time, they will assist with feeding and care on top of two postpartum visits. In addition, after you give birth, you can receive a newborn screening and postpartum checkups six weeks after delivery.  You will also receive free pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care resources throughout your entire experience. The fee for these services is $900, and you can pay by a payment plan. 

New Life Birth Services

The team of women at New Life believes that giving birth is something you will never forget. Most importantly, this Milwaukee doula service wants those memories to be their best. They believe that pregnancy and childbirth are normal and natural processes filled with opportunities for self-discovery and personal growth. This doula equips you with tools, knowledge, and support to experience pregnancy and birth with less anxiety and fear. But filled with more excitement and confidence! 

You can set up a free consultation by contacting New Life Birth Services on their website or by calling or following them on Facebook. New Life Birth Services works as a team with you and your family to ensure that they offer peace of mind so you will be comfortable with your doula throughout your pregnancy and birthing journey.

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