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No matter what the situation, Women’s Care Center Milwaukee is there for you! This amazing group provides pregnant women free, confidential counseling, support, and education. The Women’s Care Center Milwaukee counselors will give you the information you need about pregnancy and your options to make the right decisions for yourself. 

About Women’s Care Center Milwaukee

Women’s Care Center Milwaukee was founded by Professor Janet Smith in 1984 when she was a young professor at the University of Notre Dame. The center has become America’s largest, most successful pregnancy resource center. On top of that, the Care Center has become the most significant pregnancy center in the United States, serving more women and saving more babies than any other! This incredible establishment has served over 30,000 women annually in 34 centers in twelve states. Its mission is to help pregnant women from our communities choose life for their babies, have healthier pregnancies, become better parents, and take the first steps to self-sufficiency. The Women’s Care Center Milwaukee has a highly skilled client care team that promises to meet everyone who walks through their door with unconditional love as they offer genuine assistance before and after their baby is born.

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The Women’s Care Center Milwaukee offers a comfortable environment to receive all the services that you may need. Many options are available for women at all stages of their life. The physicians have specialty training that encompasses every aspect of women’s health. All of the services offered are performed on-site to ensure comfort and convenience. In addition, they also provide free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds. Getting free tests and ultrasounds helps you determine viability and all important dates that need to be tracked. 

There are many services available at Women’s Care Center Milwaukee. However, they do not provide prenatal medical care or abortions. Instead, they provide free pregnancy tests to help determine if you’re pregnant and help you with your next steps. If you think you might be pregnant, email a Women’s Care Center counselor or make an appointment at the Women’s Care Center nearest you.

They also offer ultrasounds, a simple, safe procedure that uses sound waves to learn about your pregnancy. An ultrasound will tell you the placement and estimated number of weeks that you may be pregnant. In addition, the Women’s Care Center offers virtual parenting classes for free that you can watch anytime. The team creates videos for great topics, such as storytime, craft ideas, nutrition class, and essential parenting topics. There is always something fun and new to learn.  As your body changes and your baby grows, Women’s Care Center Milwaukee is with you every step to guide you through these new experiences and answer any questions to settle your fears to any concerns that will arise. 

Expecting parents cuddle on a picnic blanket in a field of tall grass while holding the bump after visiting women's care center milwaukee

Get in Touch

There are two locations to choose from, one in Historic Mitchell and one in North Farwell. The North Farwell center is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, Tuesday from 11 am to 7 pm, and Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. The Historic Mitchell center is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. You can call or email any time to schedule an appointment at either of the locations. But they often have same-day appointments available. They even have an after-hours hotline where you can contact someone anytime for immediate help.

Since the center is complimentary, you can donate anytime to your specific center or to any area with the greatest need. You can donate a monetary gift online at their website and help save a mom and baby today. The Women’s Care Center hosts many fundraising event events throughout the year and ensures the community is involved. They host luxury bingo night, a golf outing, and other seasonal events. 

Women’s Care Center Milwaukee

As a busy working mom, I know and appreciate convenience and quality services from people who care. At the Women’s Care Center Milwaukee, they provide the highest standard of services and help you build a family. They truly are passionate about caring for their patients and eager to provide you with the best services with the highest level of care. 

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